Info for coordinators

All forms, reports and questionnaires must be emailed to Lindsay Carlton at  No hard copies are required.

Note: Canadian universities with projects are not required to submit students’ financial reports and documentation to AUCC.  However, they must keep all supporting documentation for audit purposes.


Project Reporting

1. End-of-project financial and narrative reports (due date: January 31, 2014)

*Eligible costs are outlined in the SFD agreement and Handbook. The monthly living allowances for international students are here.

2. Questionnaires (due January 31, 2014 for summer and fall interns)


1. International development short course for interns

2. Pre-departure and debriefing courses for Canadian student interns

The Centre for Intercultural Learning offers a “Pre-departure course in intercultural effectiveness” and a debriefing and re-entry workshop. These sessions are free of charge for Students for Development interns.

Should your interns need to travel to another Canadian city to receive training, the Centre for Intercultural Learning will cover their travel and accommodation expenses.

For registration to either sessions, please click on the appropriate link below:

3.  In-Canada and pre-return orientation for international student interns

You may recommend to your international student interns that they participate in the Orientation to Canada session provided by the Centre for Intercultural Learning. The course will help them better integrate into Canadian society and culture and maximize the effectiveness of their internship.

Before leaving Canada, we recommend that the interns attend the pre-return orientation provided by the Centre for Intercultural Learning. Both sessions are free for interns. Should they need to travel to another Canadian city to receive this training, the Centre will cover their travel and accommodation expenses.

To register, go to the CIL website.


Lidice Hidalgo
Training Program Coordinator
Telephone: (613) 688-0255, Ext. 307
Toll-free (Canada) 1 (800) 852-9211, Ext. 307
Fax: (613) 761-7481