Internships for Canadian students

Handbook, forms and questionnaire

Prior to your departure

Upon your return to Canada

For project internships:

Contact your university to find out when they require your financial report, supporting documents and questionnaire. 

Travel reports and warnings

Pre-departure and debriefing courses

The Centre for Intercultural Learning offers a “Pre-departure course in intercultural effectiveness” and a debriefing and re-entry workshop. These sessions are free of charge for Students for Development interns.

Should you need to travel to another Canadian city to receive training, the Centre for Intercultural Learning will cover your travel and accommodation expenses.

See the CIL international youth internships website for pre-departure registration.


Lidice Hidalgo
Training Program Coordinator
Telephone: (613) 688-0255, Ext. 307
Toll-free (Canada) 1 (800) 852-9211, Ext. 307
Fax: (613) 761-7481