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The First Nations University of Canada offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, accredited by the University of Regina, within an environment of First Nations culture and history. It combines First Nation-oriented and standard areas of study in its programs, which include: Indigenous Studies; Indian Languages, Literature and Linguistics; Indian Education; Indian Communication Arts; Public and Business Administration; Indigenous Social Work;  Indian Fine Arts; Environmental and Health Sciences and Sciences.

The First Nations University of Canada is independently administered and was established in 1976 through a federated partnership with the University of Regina. It has the largest concentration of Aboriginal faculty in one institution in the world.

First Nations and non-First Nations students have access to a range of programs offered on three campuses in Saskatchewan: Regina (Main Campus), Saskatoon and Prince Albert (Northern Campus). In addition, the First Nations University of Canada offers web-based classes, as well as distance education and community-based university classes.  Students who study at the First Nations University of Canada also have access to classes offered by the University of Regina and its two other federated colleges, Campion College and Luther College.

First Nations University of Canada has 45 faculty members and offers graduate and undergraduate programs. The university delivers many programs through the Department of Interdisciplinary Programs in the following areas: English; Indian communication arts; Indigenous studies; science; Indian fine arts; and Indigenous languages, literatures and linguistics. Its Department of Professional Programs also offers many programs in the areas of Indigenous education, Indian social work, business and public administration and in community development and health sciences.

The First Nations University of Canada is a unique institution of higher learning, specializing in Indigenous education  and Indigenous knowledge. It has the largest concentration of First Nations researchers in North America. The majority of the research done at First Nations University of Canada responds to the university mission to “enhance the quality of life, and to preserve, protect, and interpret the history, language, culture, and artistic heritage of the Indian people.” Key research areas at the university center on Indigenous health, education and culture, including First Nations languages. In addition, the university conducts research in areas related to the social, economic and environmental well-being of First Nations people. For example, the university is a key partner in the National First Nations Environmental Contaminants program, which aims to study the extent of people’s exposure to environmental contaminants and the potential for associated health risks. First Nations University of Canada is also one of the partners, along with the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Regina, in the Indigenous Peoples’ Health Research Centre.

Student fees

Canadian and International student fees 2012-13
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Student enrolment

2012 preliminary fall enrolment *
Full-time (undergraduates): 560
Part-time (undergraduates): 60

* Source: University of Regina