University presidents wrap up successful visit.

Time for focus and action in building the Brazil connection »

June 06, 2012
Canada needs to get serious about Brazil. There are few places in the world today where the opportunities to build prosperity through partnerships and collaboration are as abundant and robust...
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Why Brazil?

This dynamic Latin American country is poised to become a top-five global economy in the next five years and has set a research expenditure target of 2.5 percent of its GDP by 2022.

Canada is a world leader in research and innovation – in part through enhanced partnerships and collaborations with dynamic nations such as Brazil. Our universities are key partners in Canada’s ongoing mission of attracting the best and brightest minds from around the world..
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What are the mission’s goals

The key goals are to raise the collective profile of Canadian universities in Brazil and create opportunities to increase Canada-Brazil higher education and research collaboration and partnerships.
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Who’s participating

About 30 university presidents from all types of universities are taking part in Canada’s largest-ever international education mission to Brazil.
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